We use only 100% Cotton wicks, making sure that they are only soy coated and not coated in paraffin or other toxic materials. The great thing about cotton is it produces a taller, more consistent flame, meaning less smoke. The only issue with a larger flame is it uses up the fragrance of the candle quicker; to combat this we recommend that you don’t burn your candle for more than four hours at a time. The other great thing about cotton wicks (and something we recommend doing) is that the wicks are trim-able. We recommend keeping your wick between 0.5 and 1 cm in length (1/4 inch). This will ensure that there is less output of smoke and it will increase the life (total burn time) of your Candle by Barwick candles.


We care about the environment around us. Did you know that if glass is thrown away in landfills, it takes a million years to properly decompose. According to some sources, it doesn’t decompose at all…
However, because it is mostly made up of sand it is very easy to recycle, by simply breaking up the glass and melting it, it is possible to produce new glass. We love that Australia has ample access to recycling country wide, but do you know what's better than recycling? Upcycling!
So with the world’s healthy future in mind, we operate a fully integrated up-cycling program. By simply bringing your jar back (in good condition), we are able to reuse it to make another beautiful candle. The Candles by Barwick store front, is the place where you can drop off your pre-loved Candles by Barwick glassware, then we can fill it back up for you to pick up within a couple of days.

Because you are helping us to take care of our precious environment, for each of our jars you return to be refilled for your home, you will get a discount on the refill purchase on the same day as drop off.


We are only able to refill your jars four times, as overtime with the cleaning process it weakens the jar. After thew forth time it is at a risk of the galss cracking when burning.

If you are unable to make it to a drop off point because you live to far away, then why not try to up-cycle the jar yourself? Why not use the jar as a pot for your favourite indoor plant, put it on your desk to store your pens & pencils in it, or so much more… The possibilities are endless! If you do decide to use your Candles by Barwick glassware around your home, we would love to see it! Send us some pictures on our social media platforms or simply email us and if we see something new and exciting we might just send you a personal discount code for being an environmental warrior!